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Why Invest In Berlin Properties?

  • Outstanding popularity of Berlin worldwide
  • Significantly lower prices than in other European cities
  • Attractive return in comparison to other European countries
  • Historically low mortgage rates
  • Strong tenancy market
  • Solid economic growth
  • Legal security for investors

Outstanding popularity of Berlin worldwide

It is well known that Berlin is very popular now, but especially for the younger generation it is an incredibly attractive city. The mixture of colorful cultural life, many parks and lakes and interesting career opportunities, it is attracting more and more people. In the most popular districts like Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Friedrichshain, the population increases by more than 3% annually. By 2030, it expects 200.000 more residents in the capital. This is clearly a counter-trend to some rural areas of Germany, where the population is shrinking. In numerous sites which often remained vacant since the Second World War and during the communist era, architecturally interesting housing complexes are being built - the big demand is there now. We have in Berlin the unique situation that such development opportunities still exist - unthinkable in Paris or London. Due to the local government reform of 1920 Berlin is larger in area than most other European cities. All this contributes to the fact that today new buildings are to be admired in the center of Berlin on a regular basis.

Foto: Thomas Rieger

Tourism and business are an important economic factor for Berlin. The city is the destinations number no. 1 in Germany, based on Europe, third place after London and Paris. The number of nights spent in the capital continues to rise:

2011: 22,5 Mio.
2012: 25 Mio. (+ 11%)
2013: 27 Mio. (+ 8%)
Forecast 2016: exceeding the 30 million.

As a convention destination Berlin is becoming more and more popular, now third place to Vienna and Paris.

Significantly lower prices than in other European cities

Even if the land prices have risen in the most popular locations in Berlin in the recent years, they are still well below the cost of comparable properties in Paris or London. While in this metropolis on the Spree, rented dwellings are already to be had from less than 1,500 € per square meter, one would have to invest in the French and British capital four-to fivefold. Due to its special history, Berlin is now catching up, the "lost time". The fantastic opportunity here now to purchase a home before the price level has approached the comparable cities, is one that should not be missed !

Attractive return in comparison to other European countries

For rented properties in Berlin income are usual 3-6% - and this with low mortgage rates starting as low as 3.00%.

Historically low mortgage rates

For all those who have the intention to buy a property and plan to apply for a mortgage, the currently exceptionally low interest rates are a godsend. Today on average you can expect half the repayment rates, as for example those of ten years ago. A loan in the amount of € 100,000 today costs a monthly repayment of around 330 €, while the former was the average amount at 620 €. Mortgage rates with a ten year bond starting as low as effectively 3.25%.

Common mentality to live in hired apartments

Unlike in countries such as Spain or France, there is a functioning rental market in Berlin. Only about 44% of all Germans have home ownership, in a European comparison, a very low percentage. It is common here to live in rented accommodation, in the context of a long-term lease. For investors, this means a reliable basis for regular, secure rental income.

Legal security for investors

Germany is a modern and democratic state in the heart of Europe and has a comprehensive legal system that protects the individual rights and support its enforcement. The German case law is based on transparency, readily understandable and reliable decision criteria. Nowhere else is there similarly priced property prices at the same time as security.

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